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Awesome Socks

men and women's medical themed socks with x-ray imagery of human teeth on a black background. comfortable and suitable for medical professionals.
Unisex Face Mask
novelty "pulse" socks with red/blue uneven lines, designed for men or women.
Unisex Face Mask
black crew socks with white teeth pattern and red tongue for women. fun dental theme sock novelty item.
Womens Crew Socks
black novelty socks with cartoon teeth, toothbrush, floss picks, and toothpaste pattern. perfect for dentists, dental hygienists, and lovers of oral hygiene.
Unisex Crew Socks
purple dentist pattern crew socks for men.
Mens Crew Socks

More About Our Awesome Socks Collection

Sometimes you just have to spell it out to people so they get it. You are kind of a big deal and totally awesome, why not show it off? Our awesome collection features several really cool and totally awesome socks fit for only the mostly awesome of people. Slip on a pair of these and let everyone know just how awesome you are. If they don't get it, just let your socks do the talking!