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Gardening Socks for Plant Lovers

socks that are plant nerd themed. they are mostly tan with the words 'plant nerd' in green letters on the leg of the sock. the heel and toe are bright green. the top of the sock is banded in two green stripes. the plant nerd logo, a small green square with the letters 'pn' in a darker green, is on the outside of the leg of the sock above the heel.
Plant Nerd
Unisex Crew Socks

More About Our Gardening Socks for Plant Lovers Collection

Whether you're a green thumb or a brown thumb, you have a common love...plants! Gardening lovers can unite with our gardening socks collection custom made for those who can't get enough of the green. Our gardening socks come in a variety of patterns and hilarious statements. Regardless of you're gardening expertise, at least you won't kill a pair of these