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Women's Feminism Socks

nurse rosie socks: girl power-themed socks featuring rosie the riveter in blue jumpsuit and red bandana; for men and women.
Nurse Rosie
Unisex Face Mask
Color Options Available
black nasty rosie crew socks feature rosie the riveter giving the middle finger, made for women.
Black Nasty Rosie
Womens Crew Socks
Color Options Available
women's white crew socks with pink accents and a repeating bra pattern. the message "hang in there!" is written on the front and "it's all about support" on the bottom.
Womens Crew Socks
rosie the riveter knee-high socks with blue stripe and red, white, and blue pattern. nasty word on shirt, flexing muscles with fist raised.
Nasty Rosie
Womens Knee High Socks

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